591 North Avenue Door 4
Wakefield Ma 01880

Nurse Aide Testing Site

Our Facility is a Red Cross Approved Test Site

If you’ve completed a nurse assistant training program, the state knowledge and clinical exam is offered at our facility. The  cost of the state test is $93.00 plus an administrative fee to test at our facility of $30.00.

Graduates of  Nurse Aide training programs can also attend our knowledge review and clinical practice class.  This class is offered, by our instructors, at the cost of $100.00 per 2 hour class.

Are you testing  for the first time or do you need to retake the the clinical and/ or knowledge parts of the exam?  For information or to register for the review class or to register for the red cross nurse aide test, contact Tricia at Tricia@homecaretrainingcenter.com or call 781-222-5500.